Two Of Cups: When Muslims and Jews Are Friends

2 Cups

After a few days of sad stories, a happy one:

Muslims in the United States have launched a public education campaign in the hope of reclaiming the word ‘jihad’ from extremists. At it’s heart jihad is not about terrorism at all apparently (I’m as surprised as you are!) It’s a personal spiritual quest. A struggle for justice, compassion, tolerance. All the good stuff. And it requires faith, courage and perseverance. Not bombs.

The campaign features Muslims describing their personal struggles on Twitter, Facebook, bus advertisements and a website: Organizers are also working to spread the message to Sydney, Melbourne, Toronto, London and Manchester. (I’m doing my bit right here and I’m not even Muslim. Just a believer that there is good in every religion and every person. Like Tarot suggests.)

One ad pictures an African-American man with a Jewish friend and the slogan: ‘My jihad is to build relationships across the aisle.’ It’s so exciting to see a public declaration that Muslims and Jews can be friends. This whole campaign hopefully signals a new partnership between the Muslim community and the Western world. FYI: New partnerships are represented in Tarot by the Two of Cups above.

I for one am glad to see the Muslim community speaking up in a positive way. More of it I say. What do you think?

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