Knight Of Swords: Xmas Frenzy

Knight of Swords

It’s only a few days till Xmas and I don’t know about you but my life has suddenly sped up. Tonight I have my daughter’s high school graduation ceremony then I have to wrap my work KK present and my art room elves presents (not to mention wash my hair, lol.) I spent all day in a frenzy at work making bundles of name tags for my class next year. In Australia the new school year starts after the holidays so we have double the tasks to complete before breaking up for Xmas. Tomorrow’s our last day and I still have to finish cleaning up the art room, moving stuff into my new classroom and updating my art program before sending a copy to the principal and printing one out for the next art teacher. I’ll have about an hour tops to complete all these missions what with the school Christmas assembly in the morning, meeting my new grade after snack and the good-bye assembly in the afternoon. Yowser! I feel tired just thinking about tomorrow.

The Knight Of Swords is the guy who rushes around like an idiot trying to get a million things done. He’s in his element at this time of year. But there is a niceness about this crazy because it’s for such a good cause: Putting a smile on other people’s faces come Xmas morn. So long as you can keep your cool that is.

Are you feeling the Xmas rush?

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