Five Of Swords: Woman Uses Xmas Lights To Flip The Bird

I love this story. Apparently some woman in LA has created an image of ‘flipping the bird’ with her Christmas lights because she’s feuding with her neighbours. I love it ’cause with the best will in the world you just can’t be ho ho ho 24/7. Even at Xmas. It’s not normal. I like how she’s being honest about her feelings in this really creative way. That she was so committed to her anger she went to all the trouble to write it in lights. That she’s not giving into the pressure to be cheerful just because it’s Xmas.

I’ve been tossing up which Tarot card represents her actions and have settled on this one.

5 SwordsFive Of Swords: A man steals another man’s swords away. In this case, a woman has stolen other people’s Xmas joy by flipping the bird at them in lights.

Do you think this is the right card to choose?

P.S I will post a link to the news article on my Facebook page so you can see the lights for yourself.

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