The Devil: Let The Games Begin!

The Devil

As I said yesterday my Tarot card for 2013 is The Devil. Now I could be wrong but I feel like I’m already experiencing the effects of this card in my life. So I thought I’d share my observations with you.

First, have a look at the picture. The devil is holding a lamp in his hand. This is a nod to his title of Lucifer, the light bringer. That title says a thousand words. It describes a whole side to The Devil’s personality that Christianity has missed. Because he may be the Lord of Temptation but he’s also the one who shines a light in dark places. Your dark places and mine. When you get him as your Tarot Year Card you can expect to bring to light aspects of yourself that have never seen daylight before. And those aspects can be positive as well as negative. Last time I was stuck with this card for a year my life was a misery but there were some life-changing benefits as well. There’s gold in that thar underground sub-conscious darkness.

Gold Nugget #1: A new career!

Notice the chains around the couple’s necks. Under The Devil’s influence you might find yourself chained to a master. But see how the chains are loose i.e. the man and woman are free to leave at any time. The positive aspect of chaining yourself to someone bigger than yourself (in the metaphorical sense) is that you can learn from him (or her). I’m being shoved at work this year out of my cosy corner in the art room into a classroom. Not only that but they have put me in a room with another teacher so that she can mentor me on the job. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it. Talk about being thrown out of my comfort zone. I’m like so independent I don’t mind being single. I’ve been having nightmares all holidays about it. However, by the same token, I can see it might be to my benefit in the long term. Being an art teacher is exhausting and I do like to write in my spare time so I’ll actually be teaching the subjects that I enjoy the most. The goat’s horns on The Devil’s head link this card to the astrology sign Capricorn which rules careers. It’s a reminder that apprenticing yourself to a master can be beneficial career-wise in the long term. Fingers crossed this is the case and I don’t get to feel claustrophobic for an entire year for nuthin’.

Gold Nugget #2: Making yourself more comfortable!

Anyone who’s been reading this blog awhile knows that I’ve confessed to being a major tightwad. I was raised by a parent terrified of poverty so as a result I’m terrified of being poor myself (and naturally I’ve made plenty of choices in my life to keep me on the just-getting-by line.) I spend money on my children but not on myself. Certainly not on making my life comfortable. I’ve been kind of house sitting on my property since I brought it 13 years ago. Filling gaps with silly putty but that’s about it. So what’s happening now? Well I’m spending money like crazy on my house is what. And it scares the shit out of me. But again I’m going with my sudden raging desire to make myself more comfy because it feels right to do so. (And if it doesn’t work out I can honestly say the devil made me do it, lol.)

Mind you, I just asked the Oracle wheel on the Mystic Medusa site ‘What Tarot card represents me in this situation?’ and the answer was ‘Four of pentacles. Avoid extravagance. This is about containment more than spending spree. Conserve.’ And here am I having spent $2000 today on lights and filing cabinets not to mention discussing renovations to the tune of about 10 thou. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Yes, that’s hysterical laughter you’re hearing. As if I wasn’t nervous enough about spending that money. Hope I’ll be laughing this hard at the end of the year when The Devil is through with me. Sigh.

So. Let the games begin!

Do you feel a bit better about The Devil card having listened to this rant? Or maybe, worse? Please share in the comment section below.

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