The Moon: What Lies Beneath! When monsters walk out of myth and into reality!

The Moon

I’m featuring The Moon quite a lot this week aren’t I? As I’ve said before, once you start focusing on a particular Tarot card you find it popping up everywhere. One of the meanings of this card is ‘what lies beneath’. This can refer to the murky realms of the subconscious or the murky realms of other stuff like history or dreams. Today’s version refers to the murky depths of the ocean.

An incredible thing happened this week. A mythical creature walked out of the story books and onto the television screen. I’m talking about the legendary Kraken. Giant squids. Sailors have been telling tales about huge ocean-dwelling beasts for centuries. These monsters are said to have attacked ships with their long forearms. But few believed in their existence until some Japanese scientists released footage this week of a giant squid swimming in its natural habitat.

The creature is about 8 metres long (hooley dooley, I wouldn’t want to meet him down a dark alley underwater) although two of its longest arms are missing (wonder who he left them wrapped around, shiver.) Scientists tracked the squid to depths of over 900 meters below. To the deepest darkest coldest layers of the ocean floor. Where there is little oxygen and the weight of the water above exerts enormous pressure. Those squid sure are tough buggers. No wonder mariners get scared at the thought of them.

You can catch a glimpse of the giant squid on Youtube at: I’ll post it on my Facebook page. The rest of the documentary will be coming to you on The Discovery channel soon no doubt as they were the major sponsors of the expedition.

This discovery begs the question: What other mythical creatures might actually be real? I’m putting my money on Big Foot myself closely followed by the Loch Ness monster. Which ones would you like to see come to life?

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