Seven Of Wands: The Little Battler!

7 Wands

Seven Of Wands: A man defends himself using one wand against six others. He is under attack and the odds are against him. The two different shoes on his feet suggest he’s on uneven footing yet note that he’s fighting from a position of strength at the top of the hill.

Wands are about your career, your home, your projects, your ideas. Whatever you are enthusiastic about. Whatever you put energy into. Seven cards are about strategy. In this case the strategy is perseverance. Fighting to maintain your position. This card urges you to stand your ground. Even if the odds feel stacked against you, you will persevere in the long run.

If you get this card reversed or repeatedly it might mean you’re being over-defensive. Imagining yourself under attack even when you’re not. Or that you have given in when you shouldn’t have.

I like to think of the Seven of Wands as the card of the Little Battler. It represents all us everyday folk who just keep trying our best to take care of our families day in and day out no matter how challenging our circumstances.

Any other suggestions as to what this card means?

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