The Chariot: ‘Girls’

The Chariot

Nope. Still haven’t gone camping yet. Have been held up by a family matter. Suspect it’s all part of my Year Of The Devil. Am certainly feeling the pain. Hopefully will leave the day after tomorrow. Sigh.

This will just be a short post as I’ve stayed up late watching the complete first season of the American HBO television series ‘Girls’ which has been a bit of a watercooler topic here in Australia even though the show has yet to screen on free-to-air TV. Love love love love loved it. More than Sex And The City. But I digress. Let me explain what it’s about first.

The show is the creative baby of a twentysomething woman Lena Dunham and focuses – surprise surprise – on a close knit group of early twentysomething women in New York. The girls (and in many ways they are still girls, hence the title of the series) are at that time of life post-highschool post-college when you flounder around trying to make your mark on the world. To find your place. The main character Hannah who wants to be a real writer (don’t we all, lol) is trying to find a day job that brings satisfaction. Actually even one that pays a wage would be good. All the girls are striving one way or the other. The blokes too. To create satisfying relationships with lovers, with friends. To like themselves. To pay the rent. To feel good about their bodies. To have sex. To move on from first love. To get the band thing happening. To finish that book they’re meant to be writing. To become successful.

This is very much the arena of The Chariot which is the card before Strength. The last card in the Childhood section of Life Lessons Tarot (the Major Arcana). Before you can go after what you want you have to work out what that is first. Experiment. Test the waters. Be adventurous. Throw yourself into work and relationships, into sex, and see what works. See what feels good.

The girls in Girls get it wrong more often than right. But that’s what makes it such great television. It feels realer than Sex And The City did. Hits closer to home. Reminds me of my own struggles at this age. As one older character says in the show, ‘You could not pay me enough to be 24 again!’

What were you doing at this age? Did you have the partner, job and house all sewn up or were you still working things out at 24?

2 thoughts on “The Chariot: ‘Girls’

  1. Nobody could pay me to be 24 again either! I had the job sewn up at that stage (I was a high school teacher for 40 years) but no partner and no house. When I married my 4th husband, I was 40, and later that year we bought a house. Sometimes working things out takes a long time! 🙂

  2. Wow Bhearni! You married 4 times in 16 years? Are you still married to your fourth husband? I agree about things taking a long time. They did for me too (and I’m still waiting for the husband, lol.) I wish my teenagers could understand that this is normal. Because young people today (God that phrase makes me sound like an old fart) expect to have-it-all straight up and not getting what they want immediately seems to lead to depression.

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