The Chariot + Strength Reversed: Dickheads In Cars!

Well, I got tooted long and hard on the road today by some young jerk in a baseball cap. I was at a junction where cars had the option of veering left or continuing ahead. The car in front of me had its left blinker flashing so I stopped to allow it to turn ahead of me. Maybe the blinker was on by mistake because although the driver slowed down to make the turn he didn’t take it. The young jock behind me gave me a good bollocking on his horn instead. Becauseā€¦that’s what we do in Australia. Not slow down and let people through but honk to tell them to move their $#!! arse.

I file this under The Chariot because it was a situation involving cars (and a young dude) and Strength Reversed for cowardly/impolite behaviour. Bet that bloke wouldn’t have behaved like that if his mum was in the car!

Do drivers behave like this in your country too?

Empress + The Chariot: Car Grooming. It’s A Thing Right?

As I was plucking hairs out of my chin in my car the other day (Too much information? Ah middle age, it’s sooo much fun) it occurred to me that right across the city there were probably hundreds if not thousands of women doing exactly the same thing while their cars were idling at stoplights: Applying eyeshadow or lipstick, checking their make-up in the mirror, maybe brushing their hair. And it’s not only women grooming themselves on the go. Men have been getting in on the act too. I’ve heard of people doing all sorts of things in their cars on the way to work: Eating bowls of cereal, even shaving (not sure how???) And of course when people aren’t grooming themselves they’re talking on the phone or texting. Cars are so comfy these days it’s easy to forget you’re driving a potentially dangerous machine especially in gridlocked traffic. And multi-tasking in the car saves time at either end of the drive.

I’m filing this phenomenon under two cards. The Empress because she likes to look her best and is quite body focused. The Chariot because not only am I talking about an activity taking place inside a car (i.e. a metal chariot) but it’s also an activity done to improve your chances of social success.

Do you groom yourself in the car? Come on. ‘Fess up.