The Devil: Learning To Submit!

The Devil

Well here I am in whoop whoop and of course the Internet is patchy. I can’t use my laptop as I usually do so am typing this on my iPhone. And because I’m an idiot I haven’t loaded any Tarot card photos onto my phone so I won’t be able to add the pictures till I get back home. And because typing on my iPhone is soooo annoying my posts won’t be too long.

But I’m going with what I’ve got and not sweating on some perfect ideal of how these posts should be. Because today a word came into my head. A word that sums up the unexpected journey my whole holiday has been. A word that I think sums up one way of experiencing The Devil card. Submit. For weeks now I have been learning to submit.

When my children needed support when I really just wanted to relax I submitted and gave it to them. When my daughter fell sick the day we were meant to go camping I submitted and stayed home until she was better. I could have left her with her dad but that would have upset her. When I couldn’t get onto this blog last night I submitted to defeat and read a book instead. And when I go back to work into a shared classroom I feel prepared to submit to the greater experience of my fellow teacher.

It makes me wonder. Is this the positive lesson of The Devil card? That sometimes the best thing you can do is submit to the will of others? To circumstance? To let go of the mini gods we all carry around in our head i.e. Our expectations of how things should be.

Reminds me of a quote I love: Ask not what you want from life but what life wants from you.
(Aaaaaaah! Just had a mini meltdown over all the mistakes I keep making using my $!-? iPhone. Submitting gracefully doesn’t come easily but looks like I’ll get lots of practise this year, lol. Please forgive me if I don’t make as much sense as usual for the next 5 days.)

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