The Tarot Of The Night My Tent Broke

Okay. So I finally make it camping and even work out how to blog from my iPhone and then what happens next? My tent breaks. Sheesh! Talk about beIng tested. Here is the Tarot of The Night My Tent Broke (pictures to be added when I get back home.)

The Devil

The Devil: Living in denial i.e. Not checking tent is match fit before I leave home because hell that’s too much trouble.

The Tower

The Tower: When the world comes crashing down i.e. My tent collapsing at 4am because I am still being asked to submit to a higher power (see yesterday’s post to understand this reference). In this case 50km/hour winds.

The Star

The Star: Finding sanctuary. First in my car where I slept for a couple of hours. Then in my sisters van after she woke up.

The Moon

The Moon: Revealing hidden depths. My sister was mad at me for not waking her up to ask for help at 4am. I didn’t want to disturb her family but turns out they weren’t asleep anyway and they might have been able to save my tent. Upon consideration I realise I didn’t take this whole tent biz seriously enough and should have used bigger pegs and more guy ropes.

The Sun

The Sun: Rebirth. Am going to put up tent tomorrow more carefully.


Judgement: Winds of 40km/hr are predicted tomorrow afternoon so that will be a good test as to whether or not its my laziness or tent old age that caused my tent to break.

The World

The World: A happy ending will be my tent staying upright until the end of my trip. If not plan B is to sleep in someone else’s.

Those of you familiar with Tarot cards will have realised I just told this story using the last 7 cards of Life Lesson Tarot (the Major Arcana). These are the most profound cards in the pack. As you can see they can apply to minor incidents such as these. Not life threatening but definitely with the potential to ruin a perfectly good holiday.

Strangely enough because my holidays have been so bizarre this year I just laughed and laughed. What else can you do at 4am in 50km/hr winds when your tent refuses to stay up? At least it wasn’t raining!

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