The Temper Tantrum Cure

I read an article in the weekend newspaper today which got me thinking. It was written by a well-known columnist named Martin Flanagan. He spoke about how when his daughter was young he spent a lot of time with her walking in the bush. Not talking much, just sharing the silence, being together. Taking her outside was a great way to defuse the tension whenever she started to get narky. Now he uses this same trick on his grand-daughter. Taking her to the playground whenever she and her mum start to wind each other up works a treat. Turns her into a different kid. A quieter calmer one. The article was headed ‘Stepping Past The Threshold To The Infinity Within’.

His stories made me think of these two cards which follow one another in Life Lessons Tarot (the Major Arcana):

The Tower

The Tower: Arguments. Tantrums.

The Star

The Star: Healing. Note how this card portrays a human figure in nature. There is a great calmness to this scene. A silence.

The combination of these two cards together suggests that Tarot also recommends being in nature as the cure for a toddler tantrum (or any other kind). Has this ever worked for your child? Or maybe, for you?

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