The Pages: What The?

Page cards are the last bastion for me to crack on this blog. I struggled to write about the Ace cards because I was wrestling with a couple of different ideas about them. But it’s a whole other story with the Pages. I struggle to write about them because they are just so darn tootin’ hard to understand. But I’m gonna give it a go. (Deep breath)….

Like all the court cards Pages usually represent people. But not always. They’re complicated. Whilst kings and queens represent the mature and the experienced, Pages represent the young, the immature, or an aspect of your own personality that is beginning to blossom. If they symbolise an event it’s usually something new and undeveloped. And each Page card represents these things according to their suit as follows:

Page Cups

Page Of Cups: A new suitor. Encouragement to follow your dreams. Potential to develop an artistic talent or psychic abilities. A young Water Sign person i.e. Cancerian, Scorpian or Piscean. A message being given to you in your dreams. Wearing your heart on your sleeve. Good news from loved ones. A sign to open up your heart. To trust your gut.

Page Wands

Page Of Wands: Encouragement to be a free spirit. Spontaneous. Travel. Beginning to use a new skill. Taking on a new project. Being given the green light. A burst of creative energy. Problem solving. Pursuing something that gets your blood pumping. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Taking a risk.

Page Swords

Page Of Swords: A person who is talkative. Gossiping. Speaks without thinking. All talk and no action. An idealistic person. Questioning others. A student. Getting a new idea. Practising speaking or writing skills. Starting a blog or to tweet. Playing games. Being on the defensive. Quick with the cutting remark. Debating. Holding onto your integrity. Developing a plan. Researching. Clearing up confusion.

Page Pents

Page Of Pentacles: Investing in a new business. Getting a job. Financial opportunity. The need to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Being pragmatic. Using your common sense. Becoming an apprentice. Beginning to action plans. Getting physical. Going bush. Planting a garden. Keeping your word. Accepting the word of others. Developing a good reputation.

Phew! Well now that I’ve got that out of the way and more of a handle on what these Page cards are all about I’ll try to use them more in my posts. Can you feel any of these cards active in your life right now?

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