Page Of Pentacles: Giving A Young Kid A Break

Page Pents

So. I’m tres` excited because I got a phone call yesterday to say that my first ever made-to-measure cupboards have been finished and are ready to be delivered to my Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe Sized House. The cupboards will double my storage space once they’re installed. Yay! (You know you’re middle-aged when you get excited about cupboards instead of nightclubs, lol.)

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The Pages: What The?

Page cards are the last bastion for me to crack on this blog. I struggled to write about the Ace cards because I was wrestling with a couple of different ideas about them. But it’s a whole other story with the Pages. I struggle to write about them because they are just so darn tootin’ hard to understand. But I’m gonna give it a go. (Deep breath)….

Like all the court cards Pages usually represent people. But not always. They’re complicated. Whilst kings and queens represent the mature and the experienced, Pages represent the young, the immature, or an aspect of your own personality that is beginning to blossom. If they symbolise an event it’s usually something new and undeveloped. And each Page card represents these things according to their suit as follows:

Page Cups

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