The Moon: Your Greatest Spider Nightmare Come True!

Spider Rain

For those other arachnophobes out there comes the delightful news that it’s literally raining spiders in Brazil. A swarm of the darn things have set up home across the skyline dangling off power lines and other surfaces in Santo Antonio da Plantina. Basically forming a giant net in the sky. Yuck! They seem to be pretty large critters as well if you compare their size to the power pole transformers. Double yuck! It gets worse. Apparently some spider species have learnt to cooperate and weave (boom boom) extensive social networks. It’s almost as if they have a hive mind. I’ll be crossing Brazil off my bucket list of countries to visit then.

You can watch the video at or on my Facebook page. Gives me the heebee jeebees. The foreign language commentary just adds to the spooky atmosphere of the film clip. Things that crawl out of your deepest darkest nightmares are very much this card…

The Moon

Hopefully I won’t be doing too much of this…

9 Swords

in the middle of the night.

How do you feel about spiders? Would you run a million miles from a giant spider net in the sky or whip out your iPhone?

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