The Tarot of Mental Illness

I’ve talked about mental illness before. But in my opinion, as someone who’s had extensive experience in this area, you can never talk about it enough. There are lots of peeps suffering out there with one form or another of this insidious disease.

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The Tarot of Tarot

I tend to come and go on this blog. The thing is, I can’t access my ‘Tarot brain’ all the time. Only when I’m in a certain mental state. Maybe that’s true for you as well?

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The Tarot Of Reading

Recently I stayed up reading till 6am. I’m hopeless. Once I start a good book I find it hard to put it down. For that reason I limit myself to reading on the holidays. Otherwise I’d get nothing done, lol. Three recent favorites are above. Let’s explore the Tarot of Reading, shall we?

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The Tarot Of Frozen



The movie Frozen has been an absolute phenomenon.

The World

The World: Its been popular all round the world with boys and girls alike.

2 Cups

Two Of Cups: It’s the story of Continue reading

The Tarot Of Mental Illness Revisited

I promised a lovely lady on my Facebook page ages ago that I’d republish all my medical Tarot blogs. Here’s one I found. Sorry it took so long…

I’ve had way more experience of mental health issues in the last few years than I ever wanted to so I thought it might be time to tackle the Tarot of Mental Illness in more depth. Unsurprisingly the cards involved include those in the last section of Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana). Note: These cards might turn up reversed in a reading about mental illness.

The Devil

The Devil: Living in denial. An inability to face reality. Losing yourself in drugs. Denial that you have a mental illness. Continue reading

The Many Faces Of The Moon

The Moon

This month’s full moon goes by many names.

Technically, it’s a Blue Moon i.e. The third full moon in a four-full-moon season, whatever that means. Blue Moons really don’t come round that often. The next one isn’t until 2015.

Some Native Americans call it the Full Sturgeon Moon. The large fish called sturgeon are most easily caught at this time of year. Others call it the Full Red Moon because the weather conditions in this season can make the moon look reddish when it rises. Yet others, the Green Corn Moon or the Grain Moon, because crops grow tall at this time of year.

I’m sure there are many more monikers for it in other parts of the world. But whatever you want to call it, I highly recommend going outside and having a look because right now it’s beautiful in any language.

The Moon: Skeletons Rattling In The Closet

Actually this post was meant to be about mice not skeletons. Specifically, the mouse living inside the walls of my house. I suspect its been there for awhile but this winter it’s really made its presence felt. I hear it scratching on the lounge room ceiling while I’m trying to watch TV and rustling beneath the floorboards of my bedroom in the wee hours. A couple of times its ventured out overnight to leave calling cards in the kitchen, bless. And once I saw it scuttling back into its hidey hole when I got up during the night to go to the toilet. What a whooper! I’m obviously a great host.

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