Three Of Cups: Girlfriend Date Night

3 Cups

Three Of Cups: Three women dance together in party dresses with cups in their hands. Looks suspiciously like they’re on the vino. Good luck to ’em I say. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Maybe it’s a rare night out on the tiles sans husbands and babies. Their bodies are turned inwards facing one another. They’re not out on the prowl just enjoying one another’s company. I’ll drink to that. My regular toast when I’m out with girlfriends is: ‘Here’s to us ’cause we’re fabulous.’ I highly recommend it.

This is one of the few Tarot cards to carry an openly positive message. Time spent enjoying the company of friends is one of the great joys of life.

I’m off to dinner and the movies tonight with a gang of gal pals for our regular monthly get-together. And nothing says Three Of Cups so much as girlfriend date night. Not that I’ll be drinking wine. As you’ve probably gathered by now I’m more of a cuppa tea kinda gal. But let’s raise whatever glass we have in a toast to our friends. Because sharing a laff with your mates makes you feel good no matter what’s going on in your life.

Do you have a regular night out with your girlfriends or mates? What do you get up to together?

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