Two Of Cups: When You Never Want The Conversation To End

2 Cups

The reason I didn’t post last night is because I went out for dinner at 7pm and didn’t get home till 2. Seriously unusual for moi. When it comes to leisure time my preference is always to lie around on the couch reading and writing. Maybe it was the coffee I drank at 10 o’clock that kept me going – I don’t usually touch the stuff – but I don’t think so.

Usually I loathe dinner parties. You’re stuck in one spot at a table, forced to eat food you might not even like, and often other dinner party guests take advantage of the trapped audience to tell endless boring anecdotes without caring whether that audience is actually interested in them or not.

But this was one of those rare occasions where the conversation felt genuine and heartfelt. Where there was a real sense of engagement between us all. Times like that are a gift to be treasured. It’s so rare in this busy world (see previous post) for any of us to be given an opportunity to stop and really acknowledge one another. I feel blessed that I got to do that last night with some of my work colleagues. Funnily enough, it happened again after school tonight when I got engaged in a lengthy conversation with someone else at work that was deeply satisfying and emotionally enriching.

I want to always make the most of opportunities to connect with those around me. That’s a real priority in my life. How about you?

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