Sunday Spotlight: Four Of Wands – Celebrating Success!

Shame. Shame. I feel like I’ve neglected the Wands cards on this blog a bit. I’m more of a Swords and Cups kinda gal. But here in my Sunday Spotlight column I have a chance to redress the balance. And we’re going to start by looking at this card:

4 Wands

The Four Of Wands: A couple with their hands raised in triumph head towards four wands wreathed in flowers in front of a castle. The couple’s flowers, pretty garments and raised arms suggest they are participating in a ritual to celebrate something. Meanwhile behind their backs other people go about their business near the castle walls.

Number four cards are about building solid foundations. Wands are about skills, talents and career. They also represent your enthusiasms and passions. The Four Of Wands is thus a card that celebrates the fact you have built solid foundations in some area of your life. It might hint at an upcoming ritual acknowledging this achievement such as a marriage, graduation, the formation of a business partnership or wedding anniversary. Even a divorce.

The people in the background going about their business symbolise the fact that your achievement isn’t necessarily world changing. But the card itself is a reminder to celebrate regardless. I’m a big fan of this advice. When you’re always focused on the end goal it’s easy to get disheartened. It’s important to stop and celebrate your successes. However small they may be. (I’m talking to myself here as a writer!)

Do you stop and celebrate your successes?

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