The Powerful Tarot Of Childbirth

Powerful Tarot cards are invoked in the act of childbirth. The last cards of Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana) in fact. As follows:

The Sun

The Sun: I’ve heard many people say they feel like they only became fully themselves when they became a parent. It’s as if your previous life as a fun-loving single slacker just falls away into insignificance when you become a parent and you are reborn as a better version of yourself.


Judgement: I’ve witnessed from afar the phenomenon of the celebrity slacker who suddenly gets their shit together when they become a parent (Hello Jason Donovan!) You experience a powerful call to action when you give birth to a child. Asked as you are by the circumstance to take up the responsibility of caring for another human life. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty massive ask. For some, having children will be the only time in their lives they dedicate themselves to someone or something other than their own petty concerns. Childbirth changes people’s lives on the most profound level.

The World

The World: New parents are often flooded by a sense of being at peace with the world. Life suddenly makes sense. Has meaning. That’s why we mistakenly make Little Buddha’s of our children. Because we think it’s our children that is bringing out the best in us. But maybe, it’s our role as parents. Maybe it’s because we’re finally living for someone other than ourselves. Just a thought.

Do you have children? Was childbirth a powerful experience for you?

2 thoughts on “The Powerful Tarot Of Childbirth

  1. I was thinking the maternal responsibility of the Empress would play a prominent role in the birthing process, just as the Lovers played a role in the conception. The Emperor would represent the father now tasked with two decades of education and setting strict guidelines that would involve the Four Virtues (Justice, Strength, Temperance, and Judgment). And of course, the baby is the Fool coming to this world completely unknowing, with a lifetime of strange experiences ahead of her.

    • I completely agree with you about the Empress, Lovers, Emperor and Fool roles in the birthing process. Haven’t heard of the four virtues before – thanks for sharing!

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