Thursday Throwback: The Tarot Of Numbers


The number and suit of a Tarot card help you understand it’s meaning. You can’t review them too often. So we are revisiting the Tarot Of Numbers tonight. I’ve rejigged these slightly from last time as my Tarot knowledge gets refined with every post I write. Note: Generally speaking, the higher the number gets, the more intense or evolved the experience.

1: This is usually a card of beginnings but in Tarot the one cards are Aces. And that’s how this card can sometimes feel. Ace. Akin to hitting a hole in one. Being given a gift. Cherish it.

2: Dealing with Duality: Weighing your options (Wands). Partnering with others (Cups). Keeping all the balls juggling through the air (Pentacles). Taking time out from others when you feel overwhelmed (Swords. As an introvert that’s me on a daily basis.)

3: Growth: Of skills (Wands). Of friendships (Cups). Of achievements (Pentacles). Of heartache (Swords).

4: Building a solid foundation: Being successful (Wands). Saving money (Pentacles). Feeling sure of yourself (Cups). Keeping yourself mentally healthy (Swords).

5: Struggle street: Competition (Wands). Heartbreak (Cups). Arguments (Swords). Feeling poor (Cups).

6: Changing your attitude: Feeling like a winner (Wands). Trying not to live in fantasy land (Cups). Letting go of sorrows (Swords). Being open to good fortune and accepting when it isn’t your turn (Pentacles).

7: Being strategic: Stopping to take stock of where you’re at (Pentacles). Choosing wisely (Cups). Persevering against the odds (Wands). Or just straight out taking an opportunity when it presents itself (Swords. Some may call it stealing, ha!)

8: Recommitting to goals: Because you’ve finally made inroads into achieving them, yay, and now you need to take the next step (Wands)! Because you got waylaid by the wrong relationship/job/personal style but now you’re ready to go after the right one (Cups). Because you’re like the tortoise, committed to the destination; you just keep on keeping on (Pentacles). Fighting the negative self-beliefs that are holding you back (Swords).

9: Holding on to achievements: This can be earthly riches (Pentacles), feeling self-satisfied (Cups), defending territory to your dying breath (Wands) or letting your fears overwhelm you (Swords).

10: Going as far as possible: Whether that be pushed to your physical or mental limits (Wands and Swords) or finding your place at home or in society (Cups and Pentacles).

Does your Tarot knowledge improve every time YOU use or look at the cards?

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