Friday Night Fun: The Avengers Bunch

For your Friday night entertainment, here’s the Avengers cast singing a parody of the Brady Bunch television show theme song. It’s been doing the rounds on my Facebook page for the last week, and I can’t stop watching it. Continue reading



This meme made me smile.

Yes, I’m definitely glad I don’t have an ex tattooed on my body.

Hard enough to have them tattooed on my heart.

So which Tarot card would this be?

One that represents regret, I guess.

Probably this one… Continue reading

The Tarot of Mental Illness

I’ve talked about mental illness before. But in my opinion, as someone who’s had extensive experience in this area, you can never talk about it enough. There are lots of peeps suffering out there with one form or another of this insidious disease.

Let’s dive deep into the Tarot of Mental Illness shall we… Continue reading