Fight Night: Three Of Cups vs Four Of Wands!

It’s always fun and enlightening to compare Tarot cards with one another. The Three Of Cups and Four Of Wands have long struck me as similar in some ways. In both people are having a good time, celebrating something. So what are the differences between them? Let’s put them in the ring together to fight it out, shall we? Ding ding ding….

Three Of Cups: Focuses on WHO you’re celebrating with vs Four Of Wands: Focuses on WHAT you’re celebrating.

Three Of Cups: More about friends and community vs Four of Wands: More about partnerships and career.

Three Of Cups: Everyone participates equally vs Four Of Wands: Some stand out in front of others.

Three Of Cups: The experience is fleeting vs Four Of Wands: Building solid foundations.

Three Of Cups: It’s the feeling you’re experiencing that’s important vs Four Of Wands: It’s your achievement that’s important.

Three Of Cups: Date night with girlfriends vs Four Of Wands: Marriage.

Can you think of other examples that highlight the difference between these two cards?

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