Sunday Spotlight: The Knight Of Cups – Following Your Dreams

Knight Cups

Knight Of Cups: A knight wearing a suit of armour holds a cup carefully in his hand while riding on the back of a white horse. He stares into the far distance at his destination but doesn’t look like he’s in any sort of hurry to get there.

He is the knight in shining armour.

Sir Lancelot of Arthur’s Round Table carrying the Holy Grail.

The idealist following a dream.

The singer or guitarist lost in the music on stage.

The poet scribbling down the whisperings of his muse.

Sir Walter Raleigh laying his cloak over a puddle for Queen Elizabeth 1 to step on so she doesn’t get her shoes muddy.

Any young man keeping watch for a glimpse of his beloved.

He is ruled by his heart not his head.

He could be your soulmate.

A message in your dreams from your sub-conscious.

He is super romantic. Red roses and candlelit dinners his specialty.

He may be a tad unrealistic.

Being a dreamer of dreams myself I’m always quite happy to see him. How do you feel about the Knight Of Cups?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Spotlight: The Knight Of Cups – Following Your Dreams

  1. So far for me this guy means commitment. Like any card, depends on the surrounding, but I’ve read him as pausing to stand still during your adventure of life to thoughtfully commit to something (generally something you feel passionately about like a Love or Career) by offering an emotional investment.

    Your take about an offering from subconscious realms is quite intriguing. Thanks for the post!

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