Thursday Throwback: Tarot Card Readings

In the comments recently someone asked how to read Tarot cards so I thought maybe it was time to review the different types of Tarot card readings we have looked at on this blog so far…

The One Card Reading – For Beginners

There are a lot of ‘official’ Tarot card spreads you can use but you don’t need anything fancy the first time you do a reading. Just ask yourself a question, shuffle the cards and when you feel ready pull one from the pack.

In order to understand the card’s message you can:

(a) Look up its meaning in books or on the internet. There will be several to choose from.

(b) Meditate on the images in the card. There is lots to ponder in each one. See what pops out for you and focus on what that might symbolize.

Then (c) go with the meaning that ‘feels right’. (I never said Tarot card reading was an exact science, lol.)

The Two Card Reading – Because Two Heads Are Better Than One, Lol!

The more Tarot cards you pull out of the pack the more refined the advice will become. Here’s an example of how you might mash the message of two cards together:

The Tower = Reaching breaking point. The Star = Time out. This combination might be telling you to retreat to a safe place to lick your wounds because you’ve been through a really hard time. Take a holiday. Maybe run home to mummy (I’ve done that even as an adult, ha ha.) Try not to loose yourself in booze.

The Celtic Cross – Getting The Details!

You might have heard of the Celtic Cross. It is the most common type of Tarot card reading. Most common. Most famous. Most comprehensive. And my personal favourite. It looks something like this:

Note: You might need to click on the image to read the numbers and titles which I will explain below.

1. Significator: Who or what the reading is about.

2. Present: What is happening with the situation right now.

3. Helps/Hindrances: What makes the situation easier and harder to deal with.

4. Basis: Reason for the situation.

5. Past: How things have been in the immediate past.

6. Life Lesson: What you need to do to improve the situation.

7. Next: How things will be in the immediate future.

8. Self: How you are acting in the situation.

9. Environment: How people around you are acting.

10. Hopes/Fears: What you hope will happen but are also secretly afraid of. This hope/fear is impinging on the situation in some way.

11. Outcome: What will happen in the long run if you keep reacting in the same way you have been.

Cards A & B: The next two cards from the top of the pack which clarify card 11.

12. Clarifier: Card from the bottom of the deck which gives you an idea of the deeper forces at play.

To do a Celtic Cross reading: Think of a question. Shuffle the deck. Drop into 3 piles. Pick piles up in order they were dropped, putting each one underneath the one before it. Lay out Celtic Cross. Have a go at reading the cards.

IMPORTANT: Whatever reading you choose to do never take the cards too seriously. They are only meant to be a guide. Not the word of God.

Do you have a different type of Tarot card reading you like to do? Please share your favourite with us in the comment section below.

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