Funtime Friday: When Clean Means Dirty And A Bus Stop Dancing Queen

I’ve posted a couple of smile-inducing video clips to my Facebook page tonight including…

7 Swords

A fake ad made by the famous film-making Coen brothers to promote clean coal. The black clouds of smoke coming out of the clean coal spray cans gives the lie to the use of the adjective ‘clean’ in conjunction with ‘coal’. I’m filing this under the Seven Of Swords: Being sneaky. Trying to get away with something.

You can find this clip at

A woman dancing surreptitiously at a bus stop. I’m filing this under the following two cards:

Strength Reversed: Lacking confidence

The World: Being in the moment.

Mind you, I wouldn’t be brave enough to dance at all in public so good on her!

You can view this clip at

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

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