Justice: The Voice Australia


I’ve been watching the reality TV show ‘The Voice’ on Australian TV and to my mind it epitomises the Justice card in action. So far there have been two rounds of this show.

In the first ‘Audition’ round contestants sang to the back of four chairs. In each chair sat a potential mentor. If the mentor decided they wanted to have that singer on their team they turned their chair around. If more than two mentors turned around the singer got to choose whose team to be on.

In the second ‘Battle’ round two contestants from each team sang on stage together and after each performance the mentor decided which of the two contestants they wanted to keep. Then the other mentors decided whether or not they’d pick up the losing contestant for their own team but they were only allowed to choose one during the entire battle round.

Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. When you see or hear the word ‘decide’ or ‘choose’ in regards to any situation you can be pretty sure you’re in Justice territory. This card is all about weighing up your options.

Sometimes the decision can be agonising. As evidenced over and over again on The Voice (it makes great TV!) As evidenced by the inability of my Libran friends to make up their minds. Libra rules this Tarot card. Mind you, once a Libran does make up their mind, that’s it. They don’t retreat. And can flip into judgmental righteousness veeeery easily. (That’s the downside of the Justice card.)

I enjoy both the singers and pitting myself against the mentors in deciding who should go through to the next round. Are you a fan of The Voice like me?

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