The Tarot of The Women’s March


I attended the Women’s March in Melbourne this afternoon. The first of many being held around the world in support of the Women’s Marches in the U.S. tomorrow. Six thousand of us turned up. Not a shabby turnout for a sunny weekend day during summer.

I’m not a regular political activist. I don’t join marches at the drop of a hat. So I want to explore the Tarot of what I experienced… Continue reading


The Tarot Of The Walking Dead

I’ve just finished mainlining series two of ‘The Walking Dead’. Seeing as how I can’t get those zombies out of my head I thought we might explore the Tarot of this television show.

6 Cups

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Justice+The Tower: The Mid Life Crisis

I was pondering the trifecta today of the Wheel Of Fortune, Justice and Hanged Man cards with a friend. These three cards are found in the middle of Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana), the dead-set heavyweight players of the Tarot deck.

We were discussing the ramifications of a big move she made after much consideration to another town when she had Justice as her Tarot-card-of-the-year i.e. Now in her Hanged Man year she’s waiting around trying to get a job and regretting moving at all.

It suddenly struck me Continue reading

Justice: Be Rational!


When the Justice card turns up in a reading you know that whatever situation you’re dealing with you need to approach it rationally. This is not the time to let your emotions carry you away. Think about the pros and the cons. Write them down. Weigh them up. Make a decision based on the facts. Ignore your feelings. The Justice card is like a big flashing neon sign that reads: Whatever you do, be rational!

Saturday Fight Night: Justice Vs Judgement

It’s important to not just look at Tarot cards in isolation. Examining the similarities and differences between Tarot cards helps you understand them better.

Two cards that seem to cover similar concepts are Justice and Judgement.

Justice: A woman sits in a chair holding a Continue reading