Tarot Lesson #305: You Need To Take Time Out To Recuperate After A Storm Has Passed Through Your Life

Long time, no talk. My bad of course. I’ve had a few things going on, as we all do from time to time, and then I needed to recover before I resurfaced again. I’m good at taking time out for myself for which I like to thank my mother. She has always done things just for herself even when her children were little. And I have followed suit as a parent. It’s the only way to stay sane.

Anyhoo, this brings me to Tarot Lesson #305 (yep, I made up that number randomly but you get the drift, there’s a lot to learn from Tarot cards): You need to take time out to recuperate after a storm has passed through your life. This lesson is written clearly in the positioning of The Star card after The Tower card.

Card 19: The Tower = The storms of life.

Card 20: The Star = Finding sanctuary. Recuperation.

I’m pretty sure I’ve banged on about this topic before but I just don’t think it can be said enough. In this crazy fast-pased modern society of ours too few give themselves a break. Everyone’s running around after their kids, paying off their mortgage, doing up their house etc etc etc. More than ever we feel under pressure to keep up with the Joneses/Kardashians, thanks to reality TV.

Well Tarot (and I) are here to give you permission to take some time out. Especially when times are hard. I’ve spent most of this weekend in bed reading a book. I highly recommend it when you’re feeling low. My sister rang this morning from the beauty salon where she is having her nails done after a difficult couple of weeks during which her family had the flu. She was raised by the same selfish mother as me of course and we are both profoundly grateful for that.

What do you do for time out?

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