The Tarot Of Game Of Thrones Season Two

I’ve just been on a mad Game Of Thrones bender. Watched all season two in one long blissful night. So I thought I’d have a go at discussing the Tarot of GOT Season Two. I won’t be able to explain everything, the tapestry is too rich, but will try to pinpoint some of the major themes and characters.

7 Wands

Seven Of Wands: The kingdom of Westeros is at war. Several kings vie for the Iron Throne.

King Swords R

King Of Swords Reversed: The nominal king is Joffrey, a cruel and perverted boy. This card also represents his grandfather Tywin Lannister, the evil genius behind the Lannister’s success.

Queen Swords R

Queen Of Swords Reversed: Joffrey’s mother Cersei is as much a manipulative bitch as ever. She wields the greatest power in court.

Queen Cups

Queen Of Cups: Meanwhile across the narrow sea Daenerys Targaryen, last remaining member of the deposed ruling family of Westeros, follows her instincts to take care of her people, leading them to the supposed salvation of the city of Qarth.

7 Swords

Seven Of Swords: This card could describe several characters who are resourceful and/or cunning. Who take advantage of their enemies weaknesses. Men such as Tyrion, the King’s uncle and main man in court, Petyr Baelish the master of coin and Varys the spy master, as well as the young girl Arya Stark who makes the most of the opportunities presented to her.

Strength R

Strength Reversed: Arya’s sister Sansa who is betrothed to the King suffers humiliation after humiliation ending in her rejection as Joffrey’s future queen. She is chewed up and spat out by the Lion House of Lannister.

6 Wands

Six of Wands: Meanwhile their brother Robb Stark, self-proclaimed King of the North, wins many victories on the battlefield against the Lannisters.

7 Pents

Seven Of Pentacles: Much time is spent staring at maps, considering the next move to be made.

The Moon

The Moon: Up in the north beyond The Wall creatures out of legend step back into reality.

Knight Wands

Knight Of Wands: The men of the Night’s Watch ride out to confront this terror head on.

King Swords

King Of Swords: Stannis Baratheon, who sees himself as the rightful heir to the throne. He is the eldest brother of the last king, Robert Baratheon. Robert left no legitimate heirs as his children were fathered by the queen’s brother. He’s a pretty righteous dude (and I don’t mean that in a good way.)

King Cups

King Of Cups: Renly Baratheon, who believes he will make a better king than his brother Stannis. He has secured the support of his lover’s family.

The High Priestess R

The High Priestess Reversed: Melisandre, the priestess of some archaic religion. She is prepared to go to any magical lengths to help Stannis secure his crown.


Death: Lots of people die in Game Of Thrones. And not prettily.


Judgement: In the end the bad guys win yet again. Boo hiss. But it’s not as depressing to watch as I thought it would be. Arya Stark is free again. Robb Stark has found love on the battlefield. Sansa Stark doesn’t have to marry a man she has come to loathe. The young boy Starks manage to escape capture when the family’s home is invaded and burnt to the ground. Their half-brother Jon Snow is still alive north of the wall which is kind of a miracle. Daenerys has come up trumps in the city of Quarth despite the best efforts of its senior citizens to thwart her plans. The Lannister with a golden heart, Tyrion, may have lost his job, his reputation and his nose, but he still has the woman he loves. There are lots of hopeful signs that things might change one day. Maybe.

Anyone else out there a GOT fan?

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