The Tarot Of How Modern Society Encourages You To Be Irresponsible

Hmmm, this rave might make no sense but here I go anyway…

I recently missed an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed. Blew it off completely. Didn’t ring them to say I wasn’t coming. Haven’t rung them since to explain or apologise. I don’t usually behave like this. It’s just that I’ve been overwhelmed by other events and then too exhausted to deal with anything else. I will ring them soon and apologise, maybe even offer to pay for the missed appointment, maybe (I’m a bit of a tightarse as I’ve explained before). But the truth is that even if I offer they will probably tell me not to worry because they don’t want to lose me as a customer. They probably won’t even mention it.

And in a way that’s terrible. An indictment on our society. Because it highlights how you can get away with stuff these days. How you aren’t called upon a lot of the time to be responsible for your actions. And by responsible I mean that in the true sense of the word. Responsive to others. If I was responsive to the impact people not turning up for appointments has on a small waxing business I would pay the money without ┬ábeing asked to.

Let me give you some other examples, big and small, where people have been encouraged in a way to be irresponsible.

Everyday people try on clothes at department stores then go home and order them online cheaper. Because they can. Because no one will know.

Aparolee assaulted someone at a pub. His parole board took no action despite the fact this man had a long history of violent behaviour and sexual assault. A year later he rapes and murders a young woman as she walks home from a nightclub. True story.

The Tarot of how modern society encourages you to be irresponsible is this:

The Emperor Reversed: Being irresponsible.

Seven Of Swords: Taking advantage of a situation.

Consumers take advantage of the accessibility of department stores to try on clothes they intend to buy online. They are un-responsive to the impact this will ultimately have on the department store (i.e. it might close down) and even on themselves as consumers (they might be forced to buy more things online which can be tricky).

The parolee took advantage of that woman’s vulnerability by assaulting and murdering her. He was un-responsive to her pain and the pain he would cause others.

Because we can get away with things we do them. In a large society it’s impossible to keep track of everyone’s movements. In a small one people would be too ashamed to try clothes on at one store and buy them at another. A man like the one mentioned above would be more closely monitored.

But that’s the way it is now. I don’t have any solution but I can try not to be part of the problem. So I guess I’ll have to offer to pay for the appointment I missed. That seems like fair cop after what I’ve said on this subject, lol.

Do you think it’s okay for people to try on clothes at a department store then buy them online?

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