First World Problems

My air conditioner’s broken and it’s 39 degrees outside. Tomorrow it’s going to be 42. Luckily I have a lovely air-conditioner mechanic who’s going to pop by in the morning to give the pipes a squiz. In the meantime I get an instant sweat lodge which’ll give me a thorough New Year’s detox. Oh yay!

Even though the cavalry is on its way, I still feel panicky at the thought of having to sweat my way through the next 24 hours. It’s made me ponder the Tarot of First World Problems… Continue reading

The Shut The Fuq Up Card


Some peeps just don’t know when to shut the f*** up.

They’re the ones who suffer from verbal diarrhoea.

Or foot in mouth disease.

They’re the acquaintance who posts endless tedious updates online. About the food they ate for lunch or the movie they just watched on TV.

Sorry, what? I feel asleep for a sec.

They’re the insensitive friend who shoves baby photos in your face when they know you’ve had trouble conceiving.

It’s an inability to prevent yourself from commenting online – even when you know the trolls are going to come a huntin’ if you do.

So which Tarot card would symbolise this highly annoying character trait?

Probably this one… Continue reading

The Tarot of Pay Wave


This might not be news to the rest of you but I was shocked today to learn from a cashier that it’s very unusual for peeps to pay with cash anymore – even for a $5 coffee.

I’m a cash person. Each week I take a certain amount of money out of my account and try to live within that budget. It helps me manage my money and brings me a great deal of satisfaction in seeing exactly what rewards my efforts bring.

But clearly I am in a teensy tiny minority.

This made me wonder about the psychology and the Tarot of Pay Wave… Continue reading

The Emperor Reversed: Intermittent Fasting Failure

The Emperor R

So. A lot of my friends are on the intermittent fasting diet and lookin’ mighty fine as a result. Intermittent fasting is where you eat little or nothing for one to two days a week. It’s also known as the Eat Stop Eat diet. The science behind it seems pretty solid. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors often went without food for extended periods of time. And it’s meant to be good for rebalancing your hormones which have a big impact on weight control.

Anyhoo, Continue reading

The Emperor Reversed: I Don’t Want To!

The Emperor R

There are times when being an adult seems vastly overrated. Whilst my daughters swan around with their friends and lie prostrate in bed playing video games for hours on end I’m the bunny who has to make sure all the washing, shopping, cooking, gardening etc gets done. Meanwhile they think that if they hang one load of washing a day they’ve been some kind of hero and roll their eyes at further requests for assistance. You know what. I don’t wanna do all that boring stuff either. But someone has to.

The Emperor is the one who Continue reading

The Emperor Reversed: Post Patriarchal Depression

Post patriarchal depression. I don’t know if it’s a real syndrome. I just liked the phrase so much I wanted to include it in my blog post tonight.

According to an article in the New York Times (so it must be true) post-patriarchal depression is the reason white guys sometimes go on mass shooting sprees. What the? Sounds like an excuse for unexcusable behaviour to me. But I take the point. You can understand that it’s hard for young men to know how to be a man these days when many of their own father’s behaviours are no longer considered acceptable. The New York Times correspondent suggested that there is an entire generation of young men who hate themselves. Lost boys who don’t know their place in the world.

Which makes me think of this card…

The Emperor R

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