Temperance: Reconnecting With Old Friends

So this happened…


Death: I went to a funeral today for an old family friend. Old in both senses of the word. The first of my parent’s close friends to pass. It felt like a moment for me. The beginning of a chipping away of my parent’s generation. And I’m sad about that. In a bit of shock.

I enjoyed the funeral. It’s possible. The daughter wrote a moving piece about her mother. And her husband made everyone sing The Beatles song ‘When I’m 64’ at the end which was cool. The best part though was reconnecting with old friends…


Temperance: The woman’s daughter was one of my first friends in life. We lived on the same street when we were born. I still have a dent in my nose where I chipped it when I was four jumping off their couch into the brick fireplace. We shared some beautiful times during our teen years on regular family summer camping holidays at The Prom. A national park on the southern tip of mainland Australia. We’ve touched base infrequently in the last couple of decades. It was wonderful to catch up with her and some other mutual friends. To re-surface in one another’s lives.

3 Cups

Three Of Cups: This card looks like us 20 years ago, hot and slippery on the dance floor jumping up and down to the beat trying to catch the eye of cute guys on the side. We don’t do this anymore. But we did go back to someone’s house for a cuppa tea. With Tim Tams. Bonus. For those of you who don’t live in the land downunder Tim Tams are biscuits layered in chocolate with a creamy chocolate filling inside. One of the joys of life is to stick one in your cup and snort the tea up through it. Delish! It warmed my heart to spend a couple of hours with old friends sharing memories and catching up on news.

We’ve made promises to be more regularly in touch. That’s the Temperance card. Finding ways to keep hold of your old friends even when you move away from one another. Facebook helps A LOT.

How good are you at keeping in touch with your oldest friends?

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