The Chariot And The Running Of The Bulls

The Chariot

Inside my Sunday newspaper today was a photo of a man impaled on the horn of a bull. Ugh! What’s even more disturbing is that the man deliberately put himself in harm’s way by participating in the annual Running Of The Bulls in Spain. This is an ancient festival in which anyone is invited to run in front of a small group of bulls. Note: The bulls themselves aren’t small, the one in the photo weighed half a tonne, yikes! The bulls are let loose in a closed off section of streets in towns all over Spain, Portugal and even Mexico. The most famous running of the bulls takes place in Pamplona. It is at this festival that the man in the photo along with two others was gored. Which makes me nervous. My daughters’ stepbrother, a lovely young man, is intending to participate as well sometime over the next few days. Fingers crossed he stays safe.

To me the Running Of The Bulls is tres` Chariot card. It involves young people, movement, running on adrenaline, bravado and striving for success (i.e. not to get gored). There’s the impulse to push forward to escape but also the pull back, the dare to run as close to┬ádanger as possible.

Have you or would you ever enter the Running Of The Bulls?

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