The Hermit: In Therapy

The Hermit

I haven’t written much about The Hermit card on this blog. We all have our biases and I haven’t felt like I had much to say about him (or her). But seriously, talk about being blind. There is a blaring example of The Hermit card in my life at the moment. It hit me today as I drove a loved one to her weekly counseling session. The Hermit is the therapist of course. The counsellor. The psychiatrist. We all need someone at some time in our lives to guide us through the mess of our emotions and thoughts. Sometimes it can be friends who play this role. Sometimes self-help books. You can google The Hermit, seek advice online. Grandparents can be great Hermits because they’re not under pressure like our parents to make us do the responsible thing. So you can rely on them for honest advice.

Who or what do you turn to when you need The Hermit?

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