Saturday Night Fight Club: Three Of Cups Vs Four Of Wands

There have been lots of special events at my house this week (hence my absence for the last few days) which has inspired me to revisit the difference between two Tarot cards that represent celebrations taking place: the Three Of Cups versus the Four Of Wands.

4 Wands

Four Of Wands: Celebrating an achievement. Something you have worked towards. A marriage. A wedding anniversary. A birthday even. My youngest turned 17 this week and we celebrated by dining at a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant and eating lots of cupcakes. I highly recommend both.

3 Cups

Three Of Cups: Celebrating for the sheer hell of it. A night out with the girls. The weekly dinner date with your partner. This week my youngest daughter did her ‘deb’ as we call it in Australia. Once upon a time a debutante ball was a Four Of Wands experience, an event that celebrated a girl becoming a woman in the eyes of society. These days in Australia it’s just an excuse to be a princess for the night and have a dance with your besties. Even my 78 year-old dad busted a few moves on the dance floor, it was a top night.

Have you been celebrating anything lately?

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