Tarot Card Angels

My weekly email from Biddy Tarot has inspired me to look at the angels in Tarot. They are found on Life Lessons (aka Major Arcana) cards which are the most significant ones in the Tarot deck. Each is an archangel i.e. they are serious players in the angelic world, what they have to say is important. So if they turn up in a reading, pay attention!

The Lovers

Raphael: He’s the patron saint of the blind, sick, lovers, healing professions and travellers and is believed to drive away nightmares. Seems appropriate. Love can be blind and make you feel sick. You might need to travel to be with the one you love or you might need some healing if it goes awry. Not to mention angelic assistance to drive away those lovers who turn out to be nightmares, lol.


Gabriel: He helps you blend the spiritual side of yourself with the human and gives a sense  of the timing of things. The Temperance card is about finding balance between different parts of your life. About aging. It asks you to view things in the context of eternity. To be patient and not sweat the small stuff (like grey hairs and wrinkles).

The Devil

Uriel (Not Lucifer the light-bringer or Satan the adversary!): He holds the key to hell. To your fears and obsessions. To the possessions and habits you cling onto even when you know you shouldn’t. But the firey sword he carries can help you flee the pit by cutting those ties. In The Devil card he offers you an invitation to break loose from the things that stop you being who you truly want to be.


Michael: At the hour of death this angel gives every soul a chance to redeem itself before passing over. In The Judgement card he offers redemption. A chance to take action and change the way you’ve been living. To become a better person.

All four archangels are in these two cards:

Each is represented by a symbol: Raphael by an angel (Aquarius), Gabriel by the eagle (Scorpio), Michael by the lion (Leo) and Uriel by the bull (Taurus). These angels can also be found in disguise on other Tarot cards. The lion face in the Two Of Cups. The cherubs on the throne of the Queen Of Cups. And more…

Are the angels in Tarot cards important to you?

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