Nine Of Cups: The Smug Bastard

9 CupsWe had a look at this card for the first time a couple of weeks ago. Let’s review what was said:

Nine Of Cups: A well-fed well-dressed middle-aged man sits in front of nine golden cups arranged in an orderly fashion on a fancy tablecloth. His face wears an expression of satisfaction and his arms are crossed as if to say, ‘Don’t touch. They’re mine.’ Here is someone who’s satisfied with their lot and doesn’t want to change a thing. This is the wishes-come-true card. The accomplishment of one’s deepest desires. Partner, job, children, house…all sorted. This is the cat who’s got the cream.

But it can also be the card of the smug bastard. Someone who’s so content with their lot they refuse to change a thing even when they need to. Even when it makes others unhappy.

Do you have any smug bastards in your life?

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