Three Of Wands: Broadening Your Talents

3 Wands

Here’s some of the weird and wacky things I bought at the market this morning as part of my new eating regime: chicken feet, lamb necks, wallaby steaks, saltgrass-fed lamb shoulder from Flinder’s Island, a pot of kale, an enormous lamb liver, fish heads, fresh sardines, komboucha (fermented tea), coconut flour and a lamb’s heart. Might take me awhile to work up the courage to eat that last one, lol.

As I was driving home I got to thinking about how I’m in the process of developing a whole new set of skills in the kitchen. This seems like a Three Of Wands experience to me. Note that the man in the card has two wands under his belt already on his right hand side while another is waiting on his left. I’ve learnt to cook old-school, I’ve learnt to cook healthy and now I’m learning to cook as if I was living back in the 1930’s and 40’s. I even have a recipe for ginger beer straight out of an Enid Blyton novel. Number three cards are creative and that is definitely the point I am at with my new diet. I’ve passed the survival stage and am now getting experimental. Enjoying the challenge of working out ways to make these foods tasty. Even an animal’s heart (one day). I’m really broadening my culinary talents.

What talents have you been broadening lately?

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