The Tower: Accidents And Breakdowns

The Tower

Well this happened. My computer broke. I knocked over a glass of water near my laptop. It has a protective cover and didn’t look like it got too wet but afterwards refused to turn on. Interesting. I’d finally sat down to work on my novel for the first time these hols. I guess the universe doesn’t want me to write right now. Of course my laptop requires a major part to be replaced and doubly of course I have to fill in reams of paperwork in triplicate before I can get the blasted thing fixed. The universe wants me to give up my internet addiction as well apparently, lol.

So I’ve been getting by with my iPhone and reading novels at night but have still felt tres` bored. My daughter has just lent me her laptop which definitely fills her description of ‘a heap of shit’ but it’s something. I feel like I’m connected to the world again, albeit by a very thin thread.

Accidents and breakdowns, this is totally Tower card territory. My Tarot card-of-the-year is sure living up to expectation (actually, it’s way worse than I remembered, darn it.) How are you going with your year card?

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