The Tower: Transformation

The Tower

Wow! I’m beginning to think The Tower card is ruled by Pluto/Scorpio. Talk about transforming my life – and the year has only just begun. (For those who may not have read previous posts, The Tower is my Tarot card-of-the-year.)

As I’ve hinted, my year got off to a very rough start. I have a close family member with mental health issues who was very unwell over the Christmas-New Year period. And then my laptop broke, not as serious in the scheme of things, but as someone with an internet addiction and writing pretensions, definitely annoying.

Now here’s the thing about The Tower. This card will send a lightning bolt up your butt in any area of your life where things are stagnant.

As it so happened, I had spent the last months of 2012 whining about the medical treatment my family member was receiving. I complained a lot but was reluctant to rock the boat because (a) I’m not a doctor so what would I know and (b) we felt lucky to receive the treatment for free through a public health service.

Cue lightning bolt.

My family member was as ill at Christmas as she’s ever been. It heightened our feelings that we were getting nowhere with the current treatment and propelled me into a manic internet search for other solutions. Result…We finally have a tentative diagnosis for her condition for the first time after three years of hell. We also have some new treatment options. This is a massive step forward for us as a family.

That’s The Tower at work (or as I keep ‘accidentally’ typing, The Wower, lol.)

Now to my laptop. There’s been a crack in the case for 18 months which the insurance company refused to fix. Apparently I’d done the damage somehow (they diagnosed this by photo). However six months ago my school tech informed me that he’s seen the same fault in the case of other laptops which are the same model. He said I should dispute the insurance company’s claim and gave me someone to contact. Six months ago. And had I? Hell, no.

Cue lightning bolt.

The tiniest bit of water got spilt on my laptop and it suddenly had a major hissy fit and refused to work anymore. While this damage was being rectified the case was fixed as well. Now, I’m not sure what the benefit to me was as I had to fork out a bit of cash for the pleasure, but maybe, just maybe, I was being saved some trouble down the track. You see, I lease my laptop from my employer and it’s due to be exchanged mid year, with the expectation that it will be in tip-top shape upon return. So maybe the universe was saving me from a bunfight over that crack down the track. Guess, I’ll never know.

Ye Gods, I’ve only just begun to live in this card and I feel like I’ve been on a roller-coaster ride already. And I’ve still got 11 months to go. Gulp.

How do you find The Tower card? Transformative, destructive or just plain annoying?

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