The Devil Vs The Tower: Hell In Slow Motion Vs Hell On Wheels

Well, I thought last year was bad but I ain’t never had a year like this one. Whereas last year when my Tarot Card Of The Year was The Devil I felt under massive pressure, this year in The Tower everything has been going to hell at the speed of light.

My eldest daughter’s health has been in crisis since the start of the year and no matter how hard I try I can’t get her proper care. Even though I have a pretty good idea what’s wrong with her. Even though I know what services we need to access. It’s like we’re stuck in cement leaning forwards getting nowhere. We’re up to her fourth hospital admission in two months right now. But still her health practitioners nod and smile and do nothing.

Meanwhile I had to help my younger daughter move out of home and head off to uni. This involved a complete switch of furniture between several rooms and several houses. Not to mention copious form filling.

Meanwhile I’m teaching my own grade in my own classroom for the first time which is full-on and nerve wracking at the same time.

Meanwhile I’m running between work and hospital. Spent two long nights in emergency this week alone.

Today the government sent me a bill for $2000 for some obscure overpayment four years ago. Four years ago, seriously? Not my fault they can’t keep their books in order.

So I apologize again for my absence. But there you go, the last few cards in Life Lessons Tarot (aka the Major Arcana) really are doozies. I’ve never had a year like this. Not even last time I had The Tower card. It’s not all bad of course. There are some amazing blessings in my life. My youngest is happy and very self-sufficient. My health has never been better. I’m loving my job. But it’s definitely testing my nerves.

Anyone else having a doozy of a year?

6 thoughts on “The Devil Vs The Tower: Hell In Slow Motion Vs Hell On Wheels

  1. I am sending you my kindest thoughts and brightest blessings for your daughter…..I hope that she is feeling better soon! I am glad you have your own classroom; it makes planning so much easier! When I first started teaching many years ago, I went from classroom to classroom, always forgetting to bring stuff with me! What a gong show! Take care, blog when you can, and hang in there!

  2. I am sorry you having such a rough time. I am in my Tower year too and am very eager to begin my Star year in a few weeks!!!

    From the very beginning my Tower year has been a confusing, miserable, lonely, horrible roller-coaster ride. Each day seemed to bring new, unexpected and startling occurrences, or broken plans, or people who seemed determined to assist the Tower in making this the worst year of my life. I feel like I have been having a nervous breakdown each and every day with no let up or assistance what so ever.

    And there are 5 more weeks to go until my next birthday!

    Yes, there are some blessings – some bits of silver lining in the dark cloud that is the Tower. My 2 wonderful sons are healthy and have good jobs and wonderful girlfriends, but I rarely get to see them since they live 3.5 hours away. I have a roof over my head but lately I am in so much physical pain and mental distress that I am not able to appreciate it or keep up with the chores. I have access to healthy food, but I have gained a few pounds recently since my health, finances, and general circumstances have gotten dramatically worse and the only thing my stomach can tolerate is starchy comfort foods.

    I have read that after the dust of destruction clears, a Tower year may bring new insight, awakening, or enlightenment, and I dearly hope I will be able to recognize and utilize anything that may grace my way. If I am able to share what I have learned I will truly be grateful for experiencing and surviving a successful Tower year.

    Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to share.

    Take care,
    (Wendy’s Little Ripples of Hope)

    • Hi Wendy, I love your tag line ‘Little Ripples Of Hope’, it’s so beautiful not to mention evocative of what we must all hold onto in hard times, that there’s always hope things will improve. That’s Pandora’s gift. As well as The Star card. Sorry to hear your Tower year has been so hard. There is definitely meant to be light at the end of the Tower tunnel. Last time I had The Tower as my year card I experienced a massive revelation which led to me letting go of a victim mentality and becoming empowered as a person. I haven’t looked back since. Whilst I’ve been in hell for the first three months this year its possible there’s been a turning point in the last few days (hence my reappearance here after a belated absence.) I wish you all the best and hope you experience the same. Let us know how you go.

      • Thanks for your reply. Sadly it has been a horrible STAR year for me. My birth card is the 22 FOOL and I found that he does not play well with the last few trumps, AND I am in my second Saturn Return. I am not really looking forward to my MOON year ahead unless it will open up some paranormal opportunities…woohoo!

      • Sorry to hear that Wendy. I definitely found The Star challenging last time round. It was like the eye of a storm for me. But The Moon offers the opportunity to reprogram your life which is really exciting. Fingers crossed things improve. The last few Life Lessons cards are definitely hardcore.

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