The Fool: Happy New Year!

The Fool

If any card symbolizes New Year’s Eve it must be this one.

The Fool represents possibility. And New Year’s Eve is the time when our lives seem ripest with this quality. We stand on the cusp of a new period in our lives. Anything could happen in a new year. Who knows what will go down. Maybe we’ll travel or study or meet someone new? Write more posts on our blog??? We hope our experiences are going to be good ones but we just don’t know as yet. Like The Fool we have to step forward into 2015 with trust that all will be well, or if not, that we will cope with whatever tempests are sent our way.

New Year’s Eve is also an evening when we might behave foolishly. Drink too much wine. Kiss unfamiliar girls or guys at midnight. Do something stupid (see previous note about drinking too much wine!)

So from The Fool and I a happy new year to one and all!

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