The Tarot of Cleaning


Like quite a few other peeps I’m having a big New Year’s clean-up, clear-up and sort-out at home at the moment. What else are holidays for? #criesquietlyinacorner

The Tarot cards involved in this exercise would probably include…

8 Cups

Eight of Cups: Letting go of things you love

Never easy. I’ve been having regular clear-outs for the last few years but sometimes I can only let go of a beloved childhood book – that I never read – or a household appliance – that I never use – on the fourth or fifth try.

That’s because these things either…

6 Cups

Six of Cups: Nostalgia

Hold precious memories for me.


9 Swords

Nine of Swords: Unnecessary concern

I’m worried I might need them one day.

8 Pents

Eight of Pentacles: Process

You have to be quite methodical when re-organising your worldly goods, otherwise your house ends up looking like a tip *cough #guilty

9 Cups

Nine of Cups: Feeling satisfied

However, having a good clear-out can bring you a great deal of personal satisfaction because…

2 Pents

Two of Pentacles: Juggling your priorities

(a) It helps you feel on top of the juggling act you have to do everyday, as you can actually find stuff when you need it and…

2 Wands

Two of Wands

(b) You get a better view of what you do want to focus on

Which means…

7 Wands R

Seven of Wands Reversed: Wasting your energy

(c) You don’t squander so much time on unimportant things, such as moving piles of notes from one desk to another – or is that just me?

Are you having a New Year’s clean up?

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