Holiday Road Tragedies


There have been a high number of fatalities on the road over the holiday period in Australia this year. Which is just awful. So much loss, so much grief. So tragic that those who set out with such high hopes for the holiday season ended up suffering so much.

Bad driving would be represented by this card…

The Chariot R

Which in some cases has led to this…

The Tower

The Tower: Accidents

And, horribly, this…


Death: Either the loss of a loved one or a complete change of life due to serious injury

Worst of all, a mother ran over her own child. When she was reversing her car out of a funeral, of all things. Unfortunately, the child did not survive. I cannot imagine the levels of grief involved in such a tragedy. But it would definitely involve emotions associated with this card…

Judgement R

Judgement Reversed: Punishing yourself. Shame.

IMO this is the most challenging card in Tarot.

My thoughts and prayers are with her and all who have suffered loss over the holiday period. May they find peace.

The Star

Please take care out there on the roads, especially when driving over the holidays.

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