Throwback Thursday: Agony-Aunt-In-A-Box


I’ve written about this before. About how I use Tarot cards as my Agony-Aunt-In-A-Box, rather than to tell peeps’ fortune. But it feels like time to revisit this aspect of the cards….

Psychics read Tarot cards to tell others their future, often in great detail. Personally, I’ve found this to be both blessing and curse. Sometimes reassuring, yes, but also a map you feel compelled to follow. It kind of quashes your free will, your freedom to choose another destiny, when you feel locked into one already.

Not that there’s anything wrong with psychics, if that’s your thing. Peace. Love. Room for all God’s creatures etc. Been there, done that. I’m just a big believer in removing third parties. In talking to The Source, whoever, whatever it is, one-on-one.

Tarot cards aren’t just for psychics. The rest of us can use them too. To get answers to the questions that plague us. To gain understanding, wisdom, and maybe even, some peace of mind. It’s like keeping an Agony-Aunt-In-A-Box around the house. And who wouldn’t want one of those? Advice people. We all need advice from an impartial source from time to time. And what’s more impartial than a deck of cards? Sometimes friends and family just don’t cut it. Especially when their agendas conflict with yours.

The great thing about Tarot, the amazing, incredible, wonderful thing, is that it stops you lying to yourself. You might be able to tell porkies to your shrink, but Tarot will never let you get away with it. You’ll find the same cards turning up again and again. And if you ponder those cards you’ll discover things about yourself you never realized. Tarot prevents you from living in denial.

As I’ve seen for myself…

I can’t deny I need a lot of time alone to process things when I regularly see the Two of Swords.

I can’t deny I can be a cheapskate when I get the Four of Pentacles looking grouchily at me every couple of months or so.

I can’t deny I have strong poverty consciousness when the Five of Pentacles keeps turning up.

I can’t deny I have a rich life when the Nine of Pentacles frequently graces me with her lovely presence.

And I can’t deny I’m a Love Zombie when The Devil keeps answering the question, ‘Will my ex ever come back?’

To paraphrase the Statue of Liberty (really really badly), Tarot says, ‘Give me your questions, your problems, your huddled fears yearning to feel peace.’

And if you don’t understand what the cards are saying then come here to discuss it and we’ll prize out the answer together. That’s what this blog is for.

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