The Tarot of Pay Wave


This might not be news to the rest of you but I was shocked today to learn from a cashier that it’s very unusual for peeps to pay with cash anymore – even for a $5 coffee.

I’m a cash person. Each week I take a certain amount of money out of my account and try to live within that budget. It helps me manage my money and brings me a great deal of satisfaction in seeing exactly what rewards my efforts bring.

But clearly I am in a teensy tiny minority.

This made me wonder about the psychology and the Tarot of Pay Wave…

Using Pay Wave/Pass is mindless. You just flick your wrist and it’s done.

4 Pents R

Four of Pentacles Reversed: Not valuing what you have bought

Using Pay Wave/Pass makes it easier to lose track of your budget.

The Emperor R

The Emperor Reversed: Lack of self-discipline with money

Which then makes it more likely you will…

5 Pents

Five of Pentacles: Live from paycheck to paycheck

Do you pay by card more than by cash?

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