The Tarot of the CBD Massacre


My city is hurting. A few days ago a young man in a car deliberately mowed down pedestrians in the heart of Melbourne, killing some and injuring many. Five people have already died. More are in danger. They’re calling it the ‘CBD Massacre.’ Which it was.

These are the Tarot cards we’re experiencing…

The Tower

The Tower: Shock

This event came completely out of the blue. It wasn’t a terrorist attack. It was a mentally unwell man with a car.

The Star

The Star: Healing

We are looking for ways to heal. This comes in many guises. Through sharing stories about being there. Leaving flowers and cards in the Bourke St Mall where the carnage began. Providing emotional support to the hundreds of witnesses, including many children, and the police, who tried so hard to run the car down, but failed to stop it before tragedy struck. A fund has been established to assist families left behind. Tonight a memorial vigil was held in the city centre. But still, it’s hard to process.

3 Swords

Three of Swords: A hurting heart

We’re all grieving. It could have been any one of us. It reminds us of other unexpected, unwanted losses.

Knight Swords

Knight of Swords: Outrage

Questions are being asked. The young man was released on bail for a serious crime just a week ago. Why?

The Moon

Moon: Exploring what lies beneath

There will be an inquiry. A process will be put in place to explore whether or not there’s a way to prevent tragedies like this in the future. This may lead to permanent changes in the way we manage citizens who appear a danger to the community.

My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims.

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