The Tarot of Terror


Any Doctor Who fans following this blog?

You’d recognise the above image then. A Weeping Angel. One of the most feared and truly terrifying creatures in the Whovian universe. They kill with a single touch. Propelling their victims back in time, before birth, so they can feed off it’s potential life energy. If you stumble into their lair, you have to keep your eye on them. Literally. Whilst watched, they freeze like a statue, but in the blink of an eye can be by your side, with hand outstretched.

I was feeling terror about something today. No biggie. A momentary flash. A realisation about a fear that’s been holding me back.

 It made me wonder which Tarot card would be associated with this powerful and consuming emotion.

It has to be this one…

The Devil

The Devil.

Living in denial.

Refusing to acknowledge to yourself the fears that hold you back.

That stop you living life as you truly want to.

This is deep-rooted, heart-thumping, can’t-breathe, worst nightmare scenario.

It’s speaking our mind to our boss.

It’s ringing that girl/guy we like and asking them on a date.

It’s staying up waiting for our young adult children to come home at night.

It’s acknowledging we want something.

What if I get sacked?

What if they don’t like me?

What if something bad has happened to them?

It’s this terror that drives us to food, to the credit card, to the bottle, to the needle.

Can you think of any other examples of terror associated with this card?

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