The Tarot of Truth


We put a lot of importance on ‘telling the truth’ in our society.

In the courtroom we’re asked to ‘tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth’.

As if truth is something definite. Absolute.

But what does Tarot have to say about truth?

The Major Arcana – aka Life Lessons Tarot – starts with a card that looks like the opposite of truth…

The Fool

The Fool: Being silly.

The closest card to truth would be the one that’s halfway through Life Lessons Tarot …


Justice: The law. The court.

However, as is illustrated in the quote above, lawyers are not under the same obligation to ‘tell the truth’ in the courtroom that their clients are.

7 Swords

Seven of Swords: Using slippery words

So even in the courtroom, not all words are truthful.

There are lots of circles in Tarot. Such as in this card…

The Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune: The ups and downs of life

Similarly, Life Lessons Tarot is a circle.

You start the journey in The Fool and finish in The World.

The World

The World: Nirvana

However, interestingly, The World is considered a variation of The Fool.

So in effect, the ending is the beginning.

When you get to the end of the Life Lessons, the cycle starts again.

But hopefully each time you move through the Tarot you learn a little more.

The Fool is also trust.

You have to trust that with each cycle you are getting closer to the core of things.

Thus, there is no absolute truth in Tarot, just deeper truths, closer truths.

Which can be difficult to accept if you like things to be definite. Black or white. Right or wrong.

The penultimate card in Life Lessons Tarot is this one…


Judgement: Forgiveness.

In the end, you have to forgive yourself if you don’t always get it right. Because you won’t. None of us do. That’s why the first card is The Fool. Right from the start you’re being asked to accept your own foolishness and folly, when it comes to living truthfully.

Which version of truth do you think is more accurate?

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