Birth Pains

Anyone who’s seen or actually given birth knows it’s an involved and painful process (except for those ridiculous cases where the baby slides out unexpectedly).

There are just so many things that can torture you, such as…

You might vomit 24/7

You might vomit for the whole 9 months

You might vomit for the whole 9 months 24/7

You might get really really really really uncomfortable

You might develop a condition which requires complete bed rest

You might develop a condition that is dangerous to your health

You might be in labour for days

The baby might get stuck in a difficult position

Etc etc etc

My Tarot Card of The Year is The Sun which looks like this…

The Sun is a card I love. It’s about rebirth. About expressing yourself more fully. There are many things happening in my life this year that involve rebirth and expressing myself more fully, but they aren’t coming without effort or difficulty.

And that got me to thinking about how The Sun is challenging, like all cards at the end of Life Lessons Tarot. There’s no reward without effort or obstacles to overcome.

Just like childbirth.

Can you relate to this aspect of The Sun card?

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